Exploring The Common Household Fly


Have you ever been leisurely sitting on your safe, watching your favorite TV show and a fly landed on your nose? If so, you are not alone, because flies are very common household pests. Flies enjoy the indoor environment much better than outdoors, because here they will find plenty of food and the environment temperature is perfect. If you are tired of those pesky flies, it may be time to pick up the phone and call the local pest control service provider.


Window Cleaner


Of course, you can always swat the fly with a fly swat, if you have one on hand. However, most people do not keep a fly swat on hand, leaving you with a healthy, pesky fly that will torment you for several days. The next best household product to have on hand is window cleaner. These products contain ammonia, which will not kill the fly, but alter its ability to fly. Aim the spray nozzle toward the fly, so you can dampen the fly’s wings. When the fluid lands on the wings, it will make it extremely difficult for them to fly around. In fact, the fly will probably fall to the ground within seconds of being sprayed.


If you do not have window cleaner on hand, you can fill a spray bottle with isopropyl alcohol. This product will eradicate the fly within 15 seconds of making contact, which is not that bad when you think about it. Call a pest exterminator, if this technique is ineffective.

Remember – Call a pest exterminator, if this technique is ineffective.


Keep The Kitchen Spic And Span


When flies enter the home, they are normally on the lookout for food and a warm environment. As the fly is soaring around, it is looking for leftovers such as cookie crumbs and scraps. The only way to deter flies from entering your home is to keep the kitchen spic and span. Remove trash as often as possible from the home or keep the trash bin lidded at all times. Be sure to clean the countertops, sink, and dining tables with antibacterial cleaning products regularly.


Remember, when a fly lands on rotten fruit, it can deposit eggs, which will turn into maggots. It is also very important to teach the children how to clean up after using the kitchen. This will definitely make your job easier and deter flies from taking up residence in your home. If you do not have a compost bucket, you should consider investing in one. This is a great way to dispose of fruits, eggs, meat, and veggies, but keep the lid on the compost bin at all times.