Examining Some Of The Most Amazing Business Cards Ever

Hello and welcome back my friends! As you likely already know, visuals can prove to be very impactful when it comes to make a sale or convincing a client to enter into business with your company. If a prospective client visits your website and it doesn’t look neat and professional, they’ll begin to generate doubts. This could very well send them elsewhere. Of course, your website isn’t the only thing to consider. Business cards can also be effective for bringing in new clients. Below, you will learn about some of the most amazing business cards and why they’re so effective.

The Ninja Star

Ingenuity and creativity can truly go a long way when it comes to business cards. Sometimes, the design of the card is actually more important that the card’s contents. Just recently, I came across a business card, which was crafted in the shape of a ninja star. The unique shape made the card very attractive. However, I was completely shocked when I read the wording on the card itself. What I discovered was that the card was that the card was designed for a martial arts supply business. This was very clever and I felt somewhat jealous that I hadn’t thought about the idea.

The Pesticide Spray

Recently, I ran across a very unique business card, which was design for a Los Angeles pest control firm. The card was very attractive, because it featured two pesticide spray cans on both edges. The edges were shaped to match the consistency and shape of the cans. This made the card itself very unique and it also created a border for the business’s contact details. The two cans enclosed the contact information of the business and truly captured my attention. When I looked at the card, I had a difficult time looking away from the company’s name and phone number. That is how I knew right away that the design was effective.

The 3D Business Card

I have also discovered that more and more businesses are taking a 3D approach to their business cards. Although this doesn’t necessarily work for all businesses, it looks amazing for others. I saw one 3D business card, which contained the face of a lion. The portion of the card featuring the lion contained many different depths and this made it appear as if the lion was protruding from the card. This was very cool and definitely grabbed my attention. I could see this type of design being very effective for businesses, which advertise to young audiences.