5 reasons why you should never buy $5 logos online


With websites like Fiverr, it may be hard to resist the temptation of choosing a $5 logo design instead of a $400 design. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Here are five reasons why you should never buy $5 logos online.

#1: There is no one-size-fits-all

Purchasing a pre-made logo is like choosing a thrift store costume from the 80s. The materials may be complete but the set up isn’t ideal for success. Compare those designs to other customized logo designs. Which logo design would you put your money on?

#2: Logos is only a fraction of the company’s identity

A logo is a fraction of the business’ identity system, which includes the logo, fonts, and other visual elements that you see for every brand. Logo variations are designed to accommodate various applications such as apps, print materials, production processes, and more.

#3: A quality logo costs more than $5

A cheap quality logo often relates to a cheap quality design. Most logo designers on budget sites use a generic template with no thought to the scalability or longevity of the overall design. What type of quality would you expect from $5 shoes? Would they last more than a few months?

A successful logo requires a decent investment of both time and money. This always ensures trust with your clients as a cheap logo might mean that you don’t take your brand seriously so why should they?


#4: Logos are meant to tell stories

Logos are meant to carry valued information about what the logo represents. When you purchase your logo design for $5 bucks, you’re basically selling your entire brand’s story for that cost. Does the story look generic or does it look priceless? What doesn’t attract the buyer, won’t sell.

#5: You will always have competition

When you pay someone $5 for your logo, the graphic designer is highly unlikely to consider your brand as a competitor. In most cases, they will stick to their generic templates and fill in your information for a quick dollar.
The design of your logo is the starting page of your business, why settle for less? If you’re looking for a great quality logo design that can only be upgraded to a better version, contact us to grab your free quote.